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  • Katie Hoffman

    Katie Hoffman

  • Mauricio L. Miller

    Mauricio L. Miller

    His “Alternative Project”challenges the negative stereotype that low income families are “takers” from society. He received a MacArthur Fellowship in 2012

  • George Manolis

    George Manolis

  • Josie Lehrer

    Josie Lehrer

  • David Levy

    David Levy

  • David Crombie

    David Crombie

  • Environmental Defense Fund

    Environmental Defense Fund

    We work with businesses, governments and communities to create lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems. We’re EDF.

  • Shiftshapr


    Visionkeeper. Shift Shaper. Storyteller. Author. Poet. RSA. Dream Teacher. Awakening Journey. From Engineer to Imagineer. Livin’ the story I want to tell. Pacha

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